December 21, 2019

Arch and I3: Simple and Beautiful

I installed Arch Linux a few weeks ago to provide more control over my O.S. and that it does. I have control over all my system needs, from what packages I use, to what bootloader I use, to what windows manager I use.

For my windows-manager I chose I3; it provides a tiling window manager experience which when I chose it sounded very interesting. For those who don’t know, A tiling window manager organizes your windows in tiles, and each time you open up a new window you can use keyboard shortcuts to decide where the next tile will go.

I am currently using a very base-stock I3 setup as I like to keep things relatively simple. I forked an I3 config from lukesmith and edited it to remove a lot of the crazy unnecessary stuff; expect more to come on this as I make further changes.

My bar application of choice is I3-status and currently I’m not running any special scripts on that but I plan to write some soon. I didn’t go with a lock-manager yet as I like to boot into terminal then run the startx command personally.

For my other programs I went with Firefox for a browser, as I wanted to be able to watch DRM content and Firefox is the best browser for DRM content at the moment as far as I’m aware. For a terminal, I chise rxvt unicode as it is not unneeded complex and works with Xresources.

I’ve accomplished about that much so far. I wrote this as a sort of catch up/explanation of where I am now to give everyone a frame of refrence for my future posts. I plan to write more about each part of my setup as it progresses and likely write about new Linux’s or maybe even freebsd.

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