January 20, 2020

What’s New For Linboy In 2020

I made my last post on Christmas Eve. From Christmas Eve until now most of my time remained devoted to exams and playing with new toys. These projects sparked a lot of new insights that I highly desire to share; so expect many new articles

What is New

The r/Linboy Subreddit is live. Here will be a place where our community may thrive. I hope to also use this to provide you guys with more consistent updates. Oh, by the way, we still need a logo, so if anyone wants to get on that email me.

I have a GitHub! It’s mostly just a fork of other project repos where I make small changes to fit my needs. Check it out at github.com/lin-boi

I hope to use these accounts to share information with all of you and boost popularity of this Linboy blog.

What is Coming

First, Distro Reviews are on their way. For the current moment, I settled on Fedora for its ease of use. On the other hand, Distros like Arch and Alpine offer the bloat-free environment that Fedora simply cannot. I also explored certain BSD based environments. I plan to review all of these distros and also give a more in-depth comparison.

Second, I hope to discuss what tech classes and certifications are worth the time and money. So many classes and books offer to teach certain coding languages or prep one for exams. Which resource is best and is paying worth it? As a free software geek; I love free resources and try my best to offer them. Sometimes I must concede that the free resources sometimes suck and paying is worth it. Also, with all of the modern-day certifications which one should you get? I’m currently exploring multiple certifications including that of Redhat and Cisco. I plan to share my research and experiences to help people choose which certification is ideal for them.

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